Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver | Combat Frizz and Add Massive Shine for Beachy Waves, (Purple)

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New: 2X Tourmaline ceramic technology combats frizz and adds massive shine
Unique deep waver barrel for beach or sculpted waves.Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean.No Battery Used
High heat up to 400 degree Fahrenheit (because we know you like it hot)

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Bed Head’s No.1 Hairstyling tool with bonus features and exclusive color! You ask, we deliver!

Check out the upgraded features on your favorite Bed Head Styling Tool. The new and improved Wave Artist now comes with Worldwide Dual Voltage so you can take it wherever your jetsetting heart desires. It also includes a double dosage of Tourmaline Ceramic Technology for massive shine and frizz-free, long-lasting results. Auto Shut-off has been included for safety and we’ve finished pimping your waver with a cool, 2018 color of the year Ultraviolet purple that will make your bathroom counter go, ooh-la-la!

Turn your hairstyle into a work of art with the Bed Head Massive Shine Wave Artist, now with 2X Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to tackle unwanted frizz and add an extra shine boost to your hair. This deep barrel design quickly and easily waves the hair with High Heat up to 400 DegreeF (we know you like it hot!), while instant heat recovery ensures consistent heat so that your waves look fab throughout. Multiple Heat Settings make this waver ideal for all hair types, from thin to coarse. The Bed Head Wave Artist also features a plate-locking switch for easy storage in less space and a tangle-free swivel cord that makes it easy to style with.

How to Get the Look: Starting at the roots, lightly clamp a small section of hair between the barrels and hold for a few seconds. Style one-inch sections of the hair for natural-looking beach waves, or larger sections for uniform, sculpted waves. For a consistent pattern throughout, match the outermost wave and work it down your hair.

New: 2X Tourmaline ceramic technology combats frizz and adds massive shine
Unique deep waver barrel for beach or sculpted waves.Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean.No Battery Used
High heat up to 400 degree Fahrenheit (because we know you like it hot)
New: Dual voltage for worldwide use
NEW: Auto shut off for safety; Number of heat settings – 30

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5 reviews for Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver | Combat Frizz and Add Massive Shine for Beachy Waves, (Purple)

  1. Christy

    Great for loose, beachy waves

    I got this because I’ve always wanted that beachy, loose waves look. I’m not terribly skilled with a curling iron and this seemed easy enough to use. It’s basically a crimper, so no need to twist the iron to use it. The hardest part is getting the back of your head, but since you don’t need to be really precise with this, it isn’t too bad. The first two pictures were taken right after I used the iron. It’s a little too crimped looking for my taste. The second two are after I’d slept on them, taken the next day. I prefer the way it looks after having slept on my hair. The waves look more relaxed and natural. My hair does hold curl pretty well, but I feel like a curling iron wouldn’t hold as well as this does. I don’t use any product in my hair, and I use it on clean hair (I wash my hair every day). The waves last all through the next day until I shower again.Biggest complaint for this product is the temperature control dial. It isn’t digital and there are no numbers on the dial, so you really don’t know how hot it is. The placement of the dial is near where I grab the iron to use it, so sometimes my fingers probably rotate the dial on accident and change the temperature without meaning to. Small annoyance and could be designed better, but other than that, I’m really happy with my purchase.

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  2. Ana V

    Wonderful Waiver

    I’m always skeptical on new hair tools, as I’ve been burned many times (pun intended). However, I kept seeing posts about how great this tool is, so I bought it. I love it! My hair is to my waist and very thick and naturally curly, and it worked very well. it took me about 15 minutes to waive all my hair. The tool is light and has a comfortable grip. I use the highest heat setting and hold it on my hair for 5 seconds on each portion of the section of hair I’m working on. The waves can hold for days. The one trick is finding out how to style it the way you want, for the look you want. A great tip I learned is to flip the tool each time you use it on a section to alternate the way the waves face, it makes the waves look more natural! I highly recommend.

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  3. Jennie


    This was on the Treasure Truck yesterday for $16 (2/26/19). I read reviews where all these chicks be like “BUY THIS NAO!” and “This totally works on my super fine crap hair!” So I’m like, ok, I’ll try it and it’ll end up in my drawer of “I don’t use these curling irons anymore because my hair don’t hold jack”. My super healthy (shiny) yet thin hair NEVER HOLDS A CURL! I can unload a bottle of hairspray during a curling session and it’ll be flat before I’m even out the door…no joke! I got a perm for the first time in my life 3 yrs ago and it didn’t take!!! I had straight hair again a month later.But I plugged in this baby and tried it out on my gross post-gym hair yesterday, just to see what happened before I showered, and it WORKED!!!! So I showered, actually blow-dried my hair (I never do that) just so I could REALLY try it out: I did my whole head, again, NO PRODUCTS AT ALL and here I am reporting back to you live, 24 hrs later, and I’m still flaunting my beach waves!!!! I have no idea how this thing got it’s magical powers, but I HIGHLY recommend every woman own one! I would happily pay 4x the price I did, soooo worth it! OMG I can’t believe I look like I belong in Cosmo magazine or something!

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  4. Whitney swapp

    Easy beach Waves

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     I got this for my two daughters and myself and we have loved it. It gives you the big beach waves and add so much to the hairdo and it’s super easy and quick. The key to using it is not to start in the same place so doesn’t have that same wave that goes straight around the head.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Good product for the price.

    For the price it is a pretty good product. The hair gets very wavy pretty fast, and it lasts until you wash it. The size of the wave is medium which is nice. However I give it 4 stars because the material is not as good for your hair. It burns a little, you can smell it and you can feel the hair dry after you wash it. So people with fine hair should adjust the heat and lower it.I will keep using it but not often as the plates are not high quality (which makes sense for the price).

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